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The Rarkyn's Familiar


Book #1 of The Rarkyn Trilogy

An orphan bent on revenge. A monster searching for freedom. A forbidden pact that binds their fates together.


Lyss has heard her father’s screams; smelled the iron-tang of his blood. She’s witnessed his execution.


And plotted her revenge.


Then a violent encounter traps Lyss in a blood-pact with a rarkyn from the otherworld and imbues her with the monster’s forbidden magic. A magic that will erode her sanity.


To break the pact, she and the rarkyn must journey to the heart of the Empire. All that stands in their way are the mountains and the Empire’s soldiers—and each other.


But horrors await them on the road, horrors even rarkyns fear.


The most terrifying monster isn’t the one Lyss travels with.


It’s the one that’s awoken inside her.

2023 Sir Julius Vogel Award Winner (Best Youth Novel)

2022 Forward INDIES Book of the Year Bronze Winner (Young Adult Fiction)

2022 Indie Ink Award Winner (Best Friendship, Prettiest Prose, Side Character MVP)

2022 Aurealis Award Finalist (Young Adult Novel)

2022 Indies Today Finalist

Indies Bronze Winner sticker.png
SJV Winner Emblem.png

A superbly written fantasy, slick and effortless to read.

—Australian Book Lovers

A rip-snorting YA read.

—Rachael Craw, author of the Spark series.

This is the kind of book you have to own, a boon to any library.

—Readers Favourite Review

A magical tale that can’t be put down.

—Hooked On Books NZ

Praise for The Rarkyn's Familiar

Dingo & Sister.jpg

Dingo & Sister

A post apocalytpic fantasy novelette

One girl, one dingo and a desert between them and safe haven.

Anika has nowhere left to run.


Stuck at the edge of the desert and unable to return home, she and her dingo companion steal from travellers about to cross the climate-ravaged sands to Alice Springs.


Such journeys are fraught with danger: heatstroke, dehydration, snakebite. Many people die trying to reach Alice, Anika knows this first hand. She tried once and nearly lost everything.


But when she gets caught stealing, her hand is forced. With a group of enraged, gun-toting travellers on her trail, she must run one last time.


She must face the desert and its ghosts again.


This time, there's no turning back.

2020 Aurealis Award Winner (Best Young Adult Short Story)

2020 Aurealis Award Winner (Best Fantasy Novella)

2020 Aurealis Award Finalist (Best Science Fiction Novella)

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