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Coming Soon Cover for A Night So Dark and Full Of Stars

A Night So Dark And Full Of Stars

A Collection of Twelve Tales Inspired By The Zodiac

A vendetta between a teenager and her dad’s stubborn ram continues into the afterlife. 

A hunter must atone after killing a god's sacred bull.

A diver makes a discovery under the sea that changes his world.

A lioness hunts the poacher who killed her.

A sacrificial maiden uncovers the secret of the wizards who rule her people.

A Secret Eater searches for their next meal in a frontier town.

A god of scorpions befriends a ghostly girl.

A new acolyte forces a godling to confront her past—and her deadly gift.

A gruesome goat-fish carcass washes up on a beach.

A half-siren girl unable to sing befriends a deaf boy.


A Night So Dark and Full of Stars from multi-award winning author Nikky Lee contains twelve stories inspired by the astrological zodiacs. From ghosts and gods to fae and folklore, Lee’s blend of vividly imagined fantasia invites us to imagine alternative worlds, dark pasts and far flung futures as we gaze into the night.

Releasing in 2024!

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