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The Rarkyn's Familiar (The Rarkyn Trilogy #1), Parliament House Press

2023 Sir Julius Vogel Award Winner (Best Youth Novel)

2022 Foreward INDIES Book of the Year Bronze Winner (Young Adult Fiction)

2022 Aurealis Award Finalist (Best Young Adult Novel)

2022 Indie Ink Award Winner (Best Friendship)

2022 Indie Ink Award Winner (Prettiest Prose)

2022 Indie Ink Award Winner (Side Character MVP)

2022 Indie Ink Award Runner Up (Best Debut)

2022 Indie Ink Award Runner Up (Best Morally Grey Character)

2022 Indie Ink Award Runner Up (Writing the Future We Need: Mental Health Representation)

2023 Book Bloggers Novel of the Year Semi-Finalist

Best New Talent Finalist, 2023 Sir Julius Vogel Award

Best New Talent Winner, 2021 Ditmar Award

'Dingo & Sister', Andromeda Spaceways Magazine #78

2020 Aurealis Award Winner (Best Young Adult Short Story)

2020 Aurealis Award Winner (Best Fantasy Novella)

2020 Aurealis Award Finalist (Best Science Fiction Novella)

'Ram’s Revenge', Aries, Deadset Press

2020 Aurealis Award Finalist (Best Young Adult Short Story)


'The Dead May Dance', Midnight Echo 15, Australasian Horror Writers Association

2020 Aurealis Award Finalist (Best Fantasy Short Story).


'Karkinos', Cancer, Deadset Press

2020 Aurealis Award Finalist (Best Fantasy Novella).


'Firstborn', Litopia Pop-Up Submissions, 15 May 2020.

Pop-Up Submissions Winner


Dingo & Sister

Honourable Mention in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest, Q3, 2019.


'NAFF', Australian Writers' Centre,  January 2019 (Free to read)

- Shortlisted in the Furious Fiction Competition.


'Soup', Australian Writers' Centre,  November 2018 (Free to read)

- Shortlisted in the Furious Fiction Competition.


'Kill your adverbs', The Writers College NZ, October, 2018 (Free to read)

Winner of My Writing Journey Competition.


Novels & Novellas

The Rarkyn's Familiar (The Rarkyn Trilogy #1), The Parliament House, 19 April 2022.

Once We Flew (Novella), Caelestis Books/self published, 14 November 2023.

Short fiction

'What Bones These Tides Bring', Remains to Be Told: Dark Tales of Aotearoa, Clan Destine Press, 1 October 2023. 

'Dingo & Sister', Best Stories: Vol. 5, Andromeda Spaceways Magazine, March 2023. (Reprint)

'The Secrets She Eats', Wandering Stars: The Best of the Zodiac Series, Deadset Press, November 2022. (Reprint)

'The Violet Hour', From The Wasteland, PS Publishing, October, 2022. 

'Nunki's Arrows', Sagittarius, Deadset Press, December 2021.

'The Secrets She Eats', Year’s Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction & Fantasy (Volume 3)*, Paper Road Press, November 2021. (Reprint)
* Winner of the 2022 Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Collected Work.

'Maki', Stories of Survival, Deadset Press, August 2021.

'Scorpion's Sting', Scorpio, Deadset Press, March 2021.

'The Dead May Dance', Midnight Echo 15*, Australian Horror Writers Association, November 2020.
*2020 Australian Shadow Awards Winner (Edited Works).

'The Secrets She Eats', Libra, Deadset Press, November 2020.

'Wake Him Gently', Parliament House Press, October 2020. (Free to read).

'Epitaph', Virgo, Deadset Press, September 2020.

'The Fixer', The Year After Magazine Volume #1, September 2020. (Free to read)

'Lioness', Leo, Deadset Press, July 2020.
'Karkinos', Cancer, Deadset Press, June 2020.
'Dingo & Sister', Andromeda Spaceways Magazine, Issue #78, June 2020.
'A Girl Called June', Gemini, Deadset Press, May 2020.
'A Tale of Hearts and Horns', Taurus, Deadset Press, April 2020.
'Your Death I Do Foretell', Aries, Deadset Press, March 2020.
'Ram's Revenge', Aries, Deadset Press, March 2020.
'Cloudy with a Chance of Smoke', Stories of Hope: Bushfire Relief Anthology, Deadset Press, February 2020. (Reprint)
'Seamare', Pisces, Deadset Press, February 2020.
'Trident's Song', Aquarius, Deadset Press, January 2020.
'Dust', Dark Drabbles #6 – Apocalypse, Black Hare Press, November 2019.
'The Sea Father's Due', Capricorn, Deadset Press, December 2019.
'How (not) to Dump a Body', Trickster's Treats #3 – Seven Deadly Sins*, Things In The Well, September 2019.
*2019 Australian Shadows Awards Finalist (Edited Works).
'Ghost Waves', Aussie Speculative Fiction, 23 April 2019. (Free to read)
'Applicants Must Be Able To Cackle', AntipodeanSF Issue 249, April 2019. (Free to read or listen)
'The Longest Hour,' Breach Magazine #10, March 2019.
'Cloudy with a chance of smoke', WTF?!, Pink Narcissus Press, 2011.


'Once Upon An Automaton', Cursed Shards: Tales Inspired by Dark Folklore, IFWG Publishing, 27 May 2024.

Edited works


Gemini, Deadset Press, May 2020.
Aries, Deadset Press, March 2020.
Pisces, Deadset Press, February 2020.


REMAINS TO BE TOLD – An Interview with Kiwi author Nikky LeeHorror Tree, 10 October 2023.

Interview with Nikky Lee, Terry Talks Fiction Podcast, 14 September 2022.

Author Nikky Lee, Australian Booklovers Podcast, 23 August 2022.

Spotlight, Excerpt & Author Interview: The Rarkyn’s Familiar, by Nikky Lee, Sadie's Spotlight, 26 May 2022.

Book Tour Q&A: The Rarkyn's Familiar by Nikky Lee, Justin Gross, FanFiAddict, 23 May 2022. 

Important reading and writing questions for young adult author Nikky Lee, Herald Canvas (April 23) and (May 8), 2022.

Author Interview: Nikky Lee in conversationRadioActive/Wellington City Libraries, May 2022.

Fantasy writer Nikky Lee - The Rarkyn's FamiliarRadio New Zealand, April 2022. 

Interview with Nikky Lee (The Rarkyn's Familiar), Frances Denny, March 2022. 

Writers Unearthed: Nikky LeeAndromeda Spaceways Magazine Issue #84, September 2021. 

Interview with Katie Zaber, Kate Zabier Newsletter, July 2021.

'Signing with an Indie Publisher—3 author interviews', Elise Carlson Author, February 2021.

'Midnight Echo 15 Showcase: Nikky Lee', Lee Murray, December 2020.

'Interview with Nikky Lee', Breach Magazine, January 2019.

Feature articles


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