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10 Questions with Will Scifi

Will Scifi is a pen name for an author from California. He loves reading and writing mainly science fiction that touches on themes surrounding American culture. He draws inspiration from the over 500 movies he has watched in the last five years, books, TV shows, and real life. When he is not writing, he can be found in the gym or watching movies at home or in the theaters. He thanks all of his fans for their support and highly encourages anyone who has read his work to always leave a review.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself! Where do you call home and what do you write?

I’m from the Bay Area. I’ve written poetry, short stories, movie articles, all of which were on my old website. I’ve also wrote a screenplay which won a film festival at UC Davis back in 2017. I’ve written unpublished novellas, and my current novel Nova’s Blade.

2. What drew you to that particular genre and/or age group?

To be honest it was marketability. After writing for seven years and not finding a whole lot of people who were interested in my work, I decided to take a step back. I looked at the market, the customers, the readers and focused on what would the people want to read. A lot of times I thought about myself first, and just wrote something because I wanted to read it. But recently, I decided to see what was it that people wanted to read.

3. What’s your best known work?

As of right now, I’m just working on marketing Nova’s Blade, that’s the main thing. After I’m done, I suppose I’ll work on the sequel/second book!

Cover of Nova's Blade by Will Scifi


After a long war, corporations have replaced countries. Sports are fought to the death. The most popular game is Last Valkyrie, a live tournament where women kill each other for marriage into a powerful family.

For Nova, living in poverty with her mother and sister is a harsh reality that she cannot escape. But when she is kidnapped and forced to fight on the show, her world changes. If she refuses to fight, the bomb in her head goes off. Now winning means her freedom.

With death lurking at every moment, Nova has no idea if her next fight will be her last. But one thing she knows for certain: only one is making it out alive.

4. What inspired you to write it?

I thought about popular tropes and genres, so romance and battle royales, and combined the two. Of course, it has been done before, but when I combined the two, it was very intriguing to me.

5. Tell us about your writing process. Are you a plotter, pantser or somewhere in between? How do you research?

I think about the outline first, and from there fill in the details. Once I have a detailed outline, so like scene by scene, I can then start writing. After I finish, I look over it, and make notes on things I want to change. That’s my other outline. It’s my edit outline, then I fill in the details, and write them in.

6. What’s the strangest or most interesting thing you’ve researched for your writing?

I’ve watched a couple episodes of the bachelor, to get a sense of women competing on live tv which is a theme in the book.

7. What’s the most personal story/scene you’ve written and why?

I wrote a screenplay back in 2017, and for me that was the most personal one because it was about a boy getting in trouble. During that time, I had done a lot of research on writing screenplays which was new to me, so I put in a lot of time. It was personal due to the amount of effort and commitment I put into it. It was during the summer, and I enjoyed writing it so much.

8. Who are your literary influences? In what way?

In my older short stories, I would say old science fiction writers like Philip K. Dick. These are stories I wrote five years ago. I say this because during that time, I was really trying to write stories that had a deep cerebral meaning to them that was hard to see.

9. What books are on your bedside table right now?

I got a comic called The Batman Who Laughs on my desk. I love comic books and superheroes.

10. Last and most important, where can we find your books/stories?

On my website and amazon page (see below).

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