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  • Nikky Lee

Book Review: Fatewalker by Robinne Weiss

Title: Fatewalker (Fatecarver #2)

Author: Robinne Weiss

Publisher: Sandfly Books (self published)

Page count: 328

Genre: YA fantasy

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Robinne Weiss' Fatecarver series is back with Book 2: Fatewalker. After discovering the deceit of the Treekeeper Council posing as gods to her people, Kalish returns to her homeland with the goal of freeing her people from the influence of the Council and helping the Treekeeper people throw off the yoke of their Council oppressors. She dreams of a future where the two peoples might trade and mingle peacefully.

It’s a big task for a clan outcast, and Kalish knows it—and is daunted by it. We get to see her navigate a lot of firsts, from new magic and new relationships (romantic and otherwise) to new leadership and responsibilities, and throughout Kalish struggles to manage it all. As she questions herself and her abilities to fulfil her Iskra’s mission, we’re reminded that Kalish is still very young, new to clan politicking, and liable to make mistakes. And yet even as she makes said mistakes, her resolve and grit to keep going makes us (or at least me) cheer her on. This story is as much about Kalish’s coming of age as it is her coming into power—and maybe legend—and watching Kalish grow into her power, both magically and societally, is particularly rewarding.

This book is filled with a found family theme that I just love. From the growing relationship between Kalish and Dayo to the new and old characters who have come into her life and support her and her vision for what could be. It is especially touching given Kalish’s history with her mother and the ostracising she experienced in the first book.

If you love coming of age fantasy with action, adventure, flying gliders and dream-like magic, set in a prehistoric-like world—do yourself a favour and check out this series.


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