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  • Nikky Lee


It's here, it's here, it's here! The GORGEOUS cover for The Rarkyn's Familiar is ready for the world. Illustrator Kolarp Em has done a phenominal job bringing Lyss and Skaar to life.

*Whispers* turn your sound on!

An orphan bent on revenge. A monster searching for freedom. A forbidden pact that binds their fates together.

Lyss has heard her father’s screams; smelled the iron-tang of his blood. She witnessed his execution.

And plotted her revenge.

Then a violent encounter traps Lyss in a blood-pact with a rarkyn from the Otherworld and imbues her with the monster’s forbidden magic. A magic that will erode her sanity. To break the pact, she and the rarkyn must journey to the heart of the Empire. All that stands in their way are the mountains and the Empire’s soldiers—and each other.

But horrors await them on the road, horrors even rarkyns fear.

The most terrifying monster isn’t the one Lyss travels with...

It’s the one that’s awoken inside her.

The Rarkyn's Familiar arrives on April 19, 2022.


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