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  • Nikky Lee

Midnight Echo 15 shortlisted in the Australian Shadow Awards

I'm thrilled to announce that Midnight Echo 15, annual magazine of the Australian Horror Writers' Association, has been shortlisted in the 2020 Australian Shadow Awards! Edited by Lee Murray, this collection of dark shories and poems was an absolute delight to read—and I'm stoked that it included my dark fantasy story The Dead May Dance among them. Congratulations to my fellow contributors (listed below).

"The Bone Fairy" by Martin Livings

"The Reaping" by Jay Caselberg

"Carbon Copy Consumables" by Deborah Sheldon

"Brumation" by Anthony Ferguson

"A Second Chance" by Melanie Harding-Shaw

"The Midnight Song" by Stuart Olver

"Little Spoon" by Alissa Smith

"My Claire" by David Schembri

"Tolerance to Iron" by Jason Franks

"Keep Walking" by Rebecca Fraser

"The Dead May Dance" by Nikky Lee

"Colony Collapse" by Tom Dullemond

"A Charm to Sicken" by Juleigh Howard-Hobson

"Hideous Armature" by Joanne Anderton

"Trace a Circle" by J.A. Haigh


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